Lately, I am addicted to Negative Space Painting.

Negative Space Painting Technique

It’s so fun and addictive. I am basically a self-taught artist (if I may say so and call myself an artist) More like a hobbyist artist. My initial idea was just to explore this technique of painting using watercolour or aquarelle. I’ve bought two new palettes and would think MeiLiang is quite reasonably priced. Here are my swatches:


Another 36 colours palette


Personally I love the colours in Mei Liang. There was however one missing colour which is Turquoise in the Giorgione. I was quite disappointed actually because it was one of the reasons why I bought this additional palette.

COVID-19 Killed 4.4 million


My friend sent out this link to this Dashboard by WHO. He wonders what can he do about people who didn’t understand what is the real issue.

Until today, 3 August 2021, we still do not know the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has killed 4.4 million people worldwide.

The crazy thing is not about the actual killing, rather the before and aftermath.

When there is a surge of cases detected, the tendency is PCR testing of all the citizens. What one is afraid are the loopholes as livelihoods are impacted when a lockdown is ordered. Many small medium enterprises and businesses will DIE as nobody can afford to have no income. These numbers are real when compounded especially for large populations and regions like China. The recent resurgence and battling of the Delta outbreak is worrisome.

UNWELCOME EGO at Workplace

Ego is defined as a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. … It can stop someone from finding the right job, prevent them from moving forward in a career or stop the success of their company. It can inhibit personal and professional growth.

First and foremost, win/win thinking and behaviour is truly important to create better team-working. We need to understand everyone makes a unique, albeit different contribution and everyone are part of the team and, therefore, valuable.

To create great conversations about our own experiences, inviting others to contribute their own.  Sticking to facts and not getting personal about others.  Discussing your own thoughts, feelings etc., without attributing or assuming what other people’s motives, thoughts or feelings might be, is a way to create better team-working

To speak your own truth but to do it in a way which respects everyone else’s too. I learned hard in my working life not to be a ‘Yes person’, so don’t be surprise when I firmly say ‘no’.

Finally, abiding by the policy to stick to the facts (not personal) with TACT! Tactfulness is a skill. The consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offence. tact. considerateness, thoughtfulness, consideration – kind and considerate regard for others; “he showed no consideration for her feelings” finesse, diplomacy, discreetness, delicacy – subtly skilful handling of a situation.

Control Freak

What’s going to happen if you found out in your first weeks of work, that your boss is a control freak?

What is wrong?

You are definitely sure it is not due to your own incompetence. Somehow, you realised your boss is a control freak. You do not want to offend him/her. So you can only rant.

What made someone become a ‘super controller’?

Bad experiences led your boss to become like this. He or she could have made a terrible mistake when he/she had “let go” and now it is traumatic to not do the necessary control measures. To me, this is a mental issue. As much as your boss need your help to empathise with him/her, it undermines your work performance as you do not dare to take any initiatives to help him/her to share the workload.

What can you do?

There are still several ways you can solve this puzzle. First option is to have a face-to-face open talk. You can ask your boss to let go when an opportunity arise. If this does not work, the second option is to give in and let him/her have all the control. The third option is help your boss overcome this ‘blind spot’.

For those who is crying for help, feel free to write your comments below.

Acrylic Trees Painting

Lately I have a certain addiction to painting. This time around, I am painting with Acrylic paints. Normally I am using watercolor paints. The subject is ‘trees’, single tree.

I like how sturdy and strong the tree trunk can look. I love the effects as it is only so simple strokes to create this natural woody trunk. The color is Burnt Umber (225) with a little bit of Noir (026). This 10 color box set is from DALER ROWNEY, and each tube is 38ml (or 1.28 fl. oz)

For the tree leaves, Phthalo Green (386) and I use it with a mix of Yellow Ochre (690). Besides Titanium White (011), I sometimes work between another Primary Yellow (603) and Cadmium Yellow (605). So this is how the tree looked like 🙂 How do you like it?


Song Festival

One of the more interesting experience of living in Tallinn was to join and witness the world’s largest choral events. It is known as the Estonian Song Festival. This event is held every 5 years in the month of July. In Winter, we normally go to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds to do sledding on the thick fluffy snow. But at the Song Festival (usually also simultaneously with the Estonian Dance Festival), the photos above are captured by me 🙂 We also took a video, Song Festival in Estonia — at Tallinna Lauluväljak. 

It is a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Singapore’s Sentosa

Singapore, Sentosa Island

We went to the Tanjong Beach finally. To recall, I think its been more than 9 years since I was last in Sentosa and the beach. Normally, I visit the Palawan Beach, if not the Siloso Beach. My daughter’s Godmother booked it actually at the Tanjong Beach Zone 1 for the first session that is opened from 10am to 1pm.

We had a great time!

Mini Hedgehog


I painted this. It was my first time.

Hedgehog are cute spiny animals. Hedgehogs have these cone-shaped faces, short legs and bodies that are covered with porcupine-like quills. Rather they are mammals (Erinaceinae: small insectivorous mammals) with 17 species found everywhere from Europe to Asia, Africa and New Zealand.

In some children’s stories and fairytales, the moles and hedgehogs are good friends.