Smart Textile #smartcities

Have you heard of ‘Smart Textile’?

I was at the open studio day of ARS-i maja Avatud Ateljeede Päev and got to know that there are more than 35 design or creative professionals’ studios working here. Basically there are demos, workshops, exhibitions, working environment of studios etc. Supposed to see some animation and even ‘live’ music but I was working on a project discussion with a consultant, so I actually missed that.

There are about four buildings and the first number is the floor number and the door number following suit. It was my first time at the door of Spell disain, and was greeted first with carpet of a deer and forest, and a very friendly lady smiled and she is Kristi Kuusk.

This is Textales, watch it as it speaks a thousand words 🙂

“We hid some stories inside a textile. They come alive, to initiate family connection through quality time, from the touch on a traditional woven high quality textile. The stories come alive to play with the kids!
Using textile and digital material as a medium, we embedded meaning into the innovative connection of a woven textile and a smart device app to communicate stories.
Inspired and guided by old craft knowledge and qualities in the innovation process, we made technology that values heritage and tradition and gives them a new twist. It respects societal responsibility and openness of the community.
Basically, we made a very traditional and static textile to be able to evolve in time – to change – along with the user itself.
More info about the project:
Project realised by: Kristi Kuusk, TU/e, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek, Unit040, Kerstin Zabransky
Video: Katrina Tang”

Main building
113 Elna Kaasik, tekstiil
123 UBUNOIR, offset litograafia,
128 Printbox, digitrükk
132 Kristina Kivirand, maal, keraamika
209 Margit Salk Disain, rõivadisain,
212 Katrin Karu, maal,
214 Spell disain by Kristi Kuusk, nutikad tekstiilid,
218 Tõnu Noorits ja Marit Leevik, fotograafia ja keraamika
221 KYLLIKE, moedisain
222 Kersti Karu, keraamika
228 Mokoko, LAAST, Kadi Paasik, valmistame nahast aksessuaare,
302 Takinada, Olga Good Dolls, kunstnik illustraator, Porcelain BJD
312 Varvara & Mar, kunst,
314 PIERRO, rõivatootmine ja disain,
315 Robin Nõgisto ja Olivia Verev, maal ja muusika
317 Arne Maasik, fotograafia,
320 Taavi Talve, kunst
321 Marge Monko, kaasaegne kunst,
322 Alissa Šnaider, koreograafia alane
324 Krista Mölder, kunst,
326 Fideelia-Signe Roots, maal, tegevuskunstid, video
327 Piret Rohusaar, maal,
329 Alisa Jakobi, maal,
331 Emer Värk ja Renzo Alexander van Steenbergen, masters of the Universe,
335 Laura Kuusk ja Camille Laurelli, kunst,
405 Arro Projekt, sisearhitektuur,
407 ARS Portselan, portselani maalimine
418 Atelier Aur (Anneli Oppar, Darja Popolitova, Triin Kukk, Mariliis Hopp, Miikael Danieljants), ehtekunst
419 EKA Maali magistrandid, maal
421 Scheckmann by Sille Sikmann, meeste käsitöö jalanõude ja muud nahast aksessuaaride valmistamine
421 Emma-Elfriide, kübaradisain
423 Taavi Suisalu, kunst,
Other buildings in the ARS territory:
1 Tõnu Narro, Tarvo Porroson, Märt Vaidla, metall ja kunst
3 Nukufilmi Lastestuudio, animatsiooni huvikool
5 Mirgoods, nahadisain


I still hope to revisit this place, in particular to see Nukufilmi 🙂

Author: zannnie

Zannnie first learned about the books world and how it works at, where she interviews authors with witty and engaging questions (to-date more than 7000!). With The CARe Network since 2011, she's covering #inclusion topics. She works in UX, UI, designing digital content for creative people ranging from chefs, recipe developers, book authors, photographers, artists, educational technology developers and social entrepreneurs. She founded, cofounded & She lives in Singapore.

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